Block Time and the Double Slit Experiment

Has anyone tried this?

It may be that information about the future can be communicated to our present time using the double slit experiment. The double slit experiment reveals an interference pattern even when one particle is fired at a time. Erwin Schrödinger mathematically explains that the interference patterns that build up over time are a result of probability waves coming from that single electron. Richard Feynman explains mathematically that they are the result of the sum of the many histories that one electron can have. I propose a synergizing physical explanation of that includes block time. These particles become coincident and can interfere with subsequent particles in series when we assume movement 90° away from space-time in our universe.  They might have a transcendent component.

The challenge is to prove it. So, I propose an experiment; acquire 10 double slit experiment setups that have the capability to close one slit.  Start the particle guns all at the same time and at the intensity of one particle per second.  At 5 minutes record the patterns of all 10 experiments and note the degree of interference on each. Allow the experiment to go for say; another 5 minutes. At that point gather some information about the present time. A good example is the turn of the stock market. At the beginning of the experiment you have established a configuration of the 10 experiments as either; one half single slit if the stock market turns down or all double slit if he stock market turns up.  So 10 minutes into the experiment position the slits accordingly. Allow the experiment to go another 5 minutes then shut it down. If the stock market turned down you should know it 5 minutes in advance if the interference patterns on half of the setups is diminished. If the particles do interfere by coincidence outside our space-time reference there should be verifiable information passed back from the future!

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